Saudi Urban Youth Lab




Application Deadline
3-6 /12/2018
Municipal Meeting Room - AlBaha City



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What is ” Saudi Urban Youth Lab”?

One of the key areas youth globally have been advocating for is to be heard, and their inputs taken into account. To that end, a training course will be implemented by Future Saudi Cities Program (FSCP) to train 25-30 Saudi youth in participatory planning and governance.


Objective of the Training:

To guide young men and women to engage in urban planning and management.

To ascertain what young men and women expect and want from their cities.


Expected Outcomes:

Raise awareness of the various avenues available for engagement with local and national authorities

Develop participants’ understanding of the urban planning process and when it is most strategic to engage local authorities

Build capacity of partners to engage their networks and communities and involve other young people in urban planning processes

To develop clear priorities for young men and women in each Saudi city, to be inserted into the City profiles

To develop a clear plan of action for each participant to engage youth in their city and to engage with their local authorities



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