“Future Urban Planners”, Mine-craft

 Exhibition – Ground Floor

 Tuesday 16 October 2018 10:00 AM

A child-friendly approach to urban planning is a vital part of creating inclusive cities that responds to the needs of everyone. Children’s active involvement in decisions making is important, getting these children to think about their surroundings early- on teaches them necessary life skills, and leaving them out of urban planning means losing the chance to connect future leaders with long-term issues such as overcrowding.

Game-based learning has become a powerful learning tool in recent years, institutes and universities such as MIT have been making Game-based learning as an essential part of their curriculum to foster the modern day skills necessary to fill the millions of future jobs.

The majority of Mine craft users are quite young, with over 61% of the users under the age of 19. Therefore, based on the strong affinity of Saudi youth to technology, and an active gaming community, “Mine craft” is a key tool that can be used to better engage the youth, and introduce them to urban planning, and concepts of sustainable planning practices.

Objectives of the training

The overall objective of the proposed training programme is to educate youth about urban development practices, the training will also build the capacity of these kids to engage with their communities and to introduce them to sustainable urban planning practices.

By completing the training, participants will be able to have a better understanding of urban planning and can advocate for these practices in their communities.

The training, in line with the broader programme on youth, has the following objectives

  1. To guide youth to engage in urban planning and management in the future.
  2. To ascertain what youth expect and want from their cities.

The training is targeting the following expected outcomes:

  1. Raise awareness and develop participants’ understanding of the urban planning process
  2. To encourage participants to engage in their city and to engage with their local authorities.

Proposed Agenda

In order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the training itself, it is important to engage with the participants in the month leading up to the programme. All participants have prior experience which must be fully utilised, in order for each participant to gain the most from the program.

As such, Future Saudi Cities Program will undertake the following activities:

  • Provide material that will briefly explain urban planning practices in an attractive, straightforward manner.
  • Share key materials that will be used during the training
  • Share the programme, for participants to plan and begin formulating their plans
  • Choose a public open space that the participants can develop
  • Send to a number of schools formal letters to allow students participation.


Click here t know more about Mine-craft’s Agenda


Suggested dates: 15-16 October, 2018 (2 days duration)

Venue: 2nd SUF, Riyadh

Schedule: 15:30 – 17:30


Pontus Westberg -Senior Urban Planner and Specialist in Mincraft

Ahmad Zinari – IT and Minecraft specialist 


School students: 10-14 years old.